About Us

ARGO was founded by Heather Willoughby in 1979 to provide the opportunity for Charleswood area girls of all ages to participate in this lovely sport. In 1996 our club expanded to include gymnasts from St. James and we assisted in the forming of a club in Steinbach. Throughout the past 40 years we are extremely proud to see many of our gymnasts move on to the Manitoba National Stream Program, into coaching positions and most recently returning as a parent with their child.

The Club started with 20 members and each year, it grew with keen parental support, in the 1990’s we had over 120 registered members. Over the past few years with a wider selection of female sports available in the community our membership has stabilized at about 90 members.

The growth and success of the ARGO over the years has been due to the unselfish and enthusiastic leadership of the coaching staff and volunteer parent executive. The significant contributions to the development of the gymnasts and programs over the years with ARGO and RGM have benefited gymnasts throughout Manitoba.

The ARGO club is currently under the direction of Head Coach – Jill Connell along with Parent Executive of Charlene Hogg and Lori Mahoney.

The past-presidents who had hard working executives behind them:

1979–80 Heather Willoughby 1980–81 Midge Thompsony
1981–82 Donna Van Horne 1982–83 Gwen Wintemute
1983–84 Sandra Beatt 1984–85 April Malcolm
1985–86 Darlene Cameron 1986–87 Judy Frigon
1987 –89 Pam Falk 1989–90 Linda MacDiarmid
1990–92 Bill Smith 1992–93 Pat Crocker
1993–94 Pat Crocker/Wendy MacKenzie/Cathy Smith 1994–95 Mike Sterdan
1995–97 John Shewchuk 1997–99 Sue Scott
1999–01 Jean Kanne 2001–02 Angela Yount
2002–08 Eva Swan 2008–10 Anne MacDonald