Competitive Programs


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Photo By: K. Trojan

Our competitive rhythmic gymnastics programs start at 4 hours per week with our highest level gymnasts training up to 9 hours per week. The talented coaches provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere where the gymnasts feel valued and can develop skills while still having fun.

All of our competitive programs offer strength training and conditioning, flexibility training, beginner ballet and body and apparatus skill development. The focus of the Interclub program is to learn and perform individual routines for adjudication at the club level. The focus of the Provincial Stream competitive program is to develop and perform individual or group routines in a judged venue. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform at provincial and national competitions, ARGO club displays and Provincial Gymnaestrada.


Photo by K Trojan

Gymnasts who compete individually will perform routines 60-90 seconds in length. Within the routines, they will perform jump/leap, balance and rotation elements in addition to dance and acrobatic combinations. All elements are performed with apparatus that must remain in constant motion. Routines are performed with coordination to music.

Gymnasts who compete as part of a group will perform routines 90-150 seconds in length with a group of 3,4 or 5 gymnasts. In addition to all the elements performed in an individual routine, group gymnasts must also perform apparatus exchanges and collaborations with gymnasts and apparatus.

Gymnasts who compete as Masters will perform individual or group routines with an apparatus of choice. Masters gymnasts perform routines following the individual or group programs but are free to use any apparatus (including unconventional apparatus) and wear costumes. Masters gymnasts must be 18 or older and have previous competitive experience.

ARGO offers Interclub, Provincial Stream Individual, Group and Masters Programs.

For further information, please download our registration form:  Competitive Registration 18-19